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Foundation Advanced Course

Canine Adolescence Class

For dogs aged 6 to 18 months

Class Focus

Welcome to our Canine Adolescence Class, where we take your dog’s training to the next level as they journey through the adolescent stage. This class builds upon the strong foundation established in our Puppy Foundation Class, guiding your maturing dog toward a higher level of cooperative behaviors, self-control, and socialization, all rooted in the principles of the L.E.G.S. Model of Integrated Canine Science.

What Is Taught

In our Canine Adolescence Class, you and your dog will: learn

  1. Advanced Cooperative Skills: Develop advanced cooperative behaviors and manners. You will learn how to use the information taught in the previous course to hone environmental interactions with you and your dog.
  2. Enhanced Recall Training: Strengthen your dog’s recall skills with a 10-foot recall exercise, learning how to reinforce come when called in various environments.
  3. Gentle Leash Walking: Build your loose leash walking skills using L.E.G.S. as a lens to view through, tackling the distracting situations. Our focus is to teach you how to recognize the body language your dog gives to help advance your ability to be proactive compared to your current reactive dynamic. You’ll work on walking with your dog in the face of various low level distractions, while also learning how to get and hold two seconds of eye contact during the exercise. This method emphasizes self-control and cooperation, setting the stage for well-behaved walks and interactions
  4. Polite Greetings (Meet & Greets): You’ll guide your dog in learning polite and composed greetings. We’ll focus on teaching your dog that maintaining a calm demeanor during introductions brings rewards. You’ll gain the skills to interact with your dog and manage encounters with both strangers and acquaintances, ensuring your dog excels at meeting new people with grace and proper etiquette.
  5. Leave It Skill: Your dog will learn to walk past tempting items like toys, food bowls, or random objects without interacting with them, showcasing their self-control.
  6. Wait at the Door: Train your dog to wait at the door in a sit, down, or stand until you release them to enter, promoting impulse control and calm entrances and exits.
  7. Come & Leashing-Up Manners: Teach your dog to come when called and calmly accept the leash being attached, ensuring stress-free outings. this builds on the previous classes play exercises.
  8. Wait for the Food Bowl: Train your dog to remain in a sit or down for three seconds before enjoying their meal, fostering mealtime manners.
  9. Stay Command: Develop your dog’s ability to stay in a sit or down until released, even while you converse with others. Your dog will exhibit patience and self-control.
  10. Settle Skill: Guide your dog into a relaxed state for one minute, whether on a mat, in a crate, or on the floor. This skill enhances your dog’s ability to relax in different settings.
  11. Give & Take: Teach your dog to release high-value items in exchange for a reward, promoting trust and cooperation.

    By enrolling in our Canine Adolescence Class, you’re investing in nurturing a well-rounded, confident, and harmonious relationship with your adolescent dog, guided by the comprehensive principles of the L.E.G.S. Model.

Expectations for the Class

This class focuses on introducing and reinforcing the skills mentioned above. It is important to note that this class provides the foundational steps, and there is more to explore in advanced classes as your dog progresses in their training journey.

Requirements to Attend

Age: 6 to 18 months

Shot Record Requirements: Puppies (6 months and older) should have completed their series shots along with Bordetella. at this age Rabies is now required.

Join us on this exciting journey of your dog’s potential and growth in a force-free, fear-free, and supportive environment, guided by the principles of the L.E.G.S. Model. Click here to enroll