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Our Training Options

Every level of training for your furry friend


12 weeks and under

Axis I
Age: 12 weeks and under
Training duration: 30 days

This course is designed to prevent basic problematic behaviors from being self rewarded and help him have a successful start into this new world. This is not a foundation cue focused training although we attempt to include a few depending on how the puppies attention span develops within the time frame.

What is taught?

SocializationExternal stimuli desentiziation (sound and visual)House/Potty trainingKennel trainingBehavior modification: nipping, jumping, body handlingFoundation Cues/Basic Obedience: Name game, down, sit, come, Doggie Zen, rollover


Any age

Axis IV (Coming Soon…)

This course is designed for advanced training into preparation for a Therapy and Service Dog. Please contact us for more informationPawsitive Creations – Axis V

What is taught?

Coming soon…..

Check back at a later time


16 weeks and older

Axis II
Age: 16 weeks and older
Training duration: 30 days

This course is designed for the average puppy that’s passed the initial socialization imprinting stages and may fall into the secondary fear stage. This is where the foundation cues come in and start to develop a general understanding of the day to day cues.

What is taught?

External stimuli desentiziation (sound and visual) lightly addressedPotty training refresherBehavior modification: nipping, jumping, body handlingFoundation Cues/Basic Obedience: Name game, down, sit, come with automatic sit, Doggie Zen, rollover, 4 paws ground attention, take it/leave it, walking on a loose leash in public, shake paw.


Any age

Axis V
All ages with a motiviation to learn
Training duration: Established based on client’s needs

Design a course that meets your specific needs and allow us to assess and discuss the duration needed to get your fur-kid on all fours, ready to tackle the world with great obedience

What is taught?

Pick out your cues or suggest any that have not been listed:Sit, down, come, stand, leave it, take it, formal retrieve, back, touch, open, go get, wake up to an alarm, walks on loose leash, walks on left/right side, sits automatically when stopping, park it( jumps into vehicle) go to mat, sit stay, down stay, stand stay, roll over,



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Training duration: Dependent on situation

Challenge your puppy or dog in the various skill tests designed by the American Kennel Club demonstrate your dog has well adjusted cues and manners.


7 months and older

Axis III
Age: 7 months and older
Training duration: 60 days (if Axis II was completed in 30 days)

This course is designed to prep the dog to generalize established basic cues and learn additional cues that will aide in successfully moving into a therapy or service designed training course.

What is taught?

Kennel Training expanded; go-to cue from different parts of room. When opening kennel, cued wait to release.Body handing (continued exposure by strangers)Foundation Cues/Basic Obedience: Name game, down with release cue, sit with release cue, come with automatic sit and release cue, Doggie Zen, rollover, 4 paws ground attention, take it/leave it expanded to randomly placed items, loose lease with automatic seat, stay – down/sit stay, go to mat, wait at door, park it (jumps into vehicle).


Any age

Learn More
Age: Any
Duration 2 weeks per segment ( Mon – Fri) length of time to meet desired training goals depends on what your endgame product for training is.
Contact for pricing- Discounts offered based on duration
Includes individual lessons to aide you with follow through during nights and weekend homework sessions within the 2 week training period.

Utilizes experienced trainer to work 1 on 1 with your dog on cues tied with individual sessions to teach you how to follow through with cues taught.

basic to advanced obedience, customized to your needs

What is taught? Variation based on age and expectations discussed in detail during consultation


What is taught?

Crate trainingPotty trainingNo nipping/bitingFour paws ground attention (no jumping)Body handlingconcept intro to cues sit down come leave it doggie zen, name game, stay, wait at door ….

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