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Board & Train Puppy

Focused on puppies between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks. We recognize the historical bond between humans and dogs, acknowledging the invaluable partnership that extends beyond being mere “pets”. Our approach is guided by the understanding that the modern pet environment can present challenges for our furry companions that makes it difficult for them to navigate and understand what is and isn’t appropriate chew toys, potty area and such. Let us craft a training plan with you that reaches your pups full potential.

Focus: This program aims to intervene in common behavioral issues during a critical development stage, fostering resilience and confidence in your puppy. We believe in holistic science-based positive training methods, eschewing harsh tools like pinch collars, slip leads, or shock collars. We follow a force and fear free approach!

Duration: 15- or 21-day options.

Integration of L.E.G.S. Model: Our program is underpinned by the revolutionary L.E.G.S. Model of Integrated Canine Science by Kim Brophey. The purpose of this is to help you learn how to better understand your canine counterpart. Understanding that all animal behavior is influenced by Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self (L.E.G.S.), we tailor our training to ensure a holistic understanding of your puppy’s unique behavioral dynamics. By incorporating the L.E.G.S. Model, we move beyond mere training, striving for a deep comprehension of your puppy and their needs.

Empowering You as a Responsible Dog Owner: While your pup is in our training program, we have created a program that helps you touch on key areas with the latest data in the dog training industry. This program is designed to heighten your confidence when your pup returns home. The program covers key facets that all pet owners should be privy to along with access to rich resources. At the conclusion of this program, our commitment to you doesn’t end when your pup heads back home. We firmly believe in empowering dog owners with the knowledge and tools to continue fostering a positive environment for their furry family member. You’ll receive comprehensive handouts, breed-specific insights, and nuanced body language details designed to educate and enrich your understanding of your dog’s unique personality and communication. We encourage active involvement, understanding that dog training is a collaborative effort. By providing you with the knowledge and insights needed to comprehend your dog’s behavior, we ensure a successful transition post-training, where you play a pivotal role in reinforcing the lessons learned, redefining your relationship, and ensuring a happy and harmonious life with your beloved companion.

Health and Care for Your Pup: Ensuring the well-being of your furry friend is of utmost importance to us. As part of our commitment to their health, we recommend up-to-date vaccinations to safeguard against potential health risks. We’re pleased to offer complimentary vet visits either at our suggested veterinary partner or a vet of your choice. For your convenience, we extend this service at no additional cost. Please note that if your preferred vet is beyond a 15-mile radius, a nominal travel fee may apply.

Our training sessions occur in the comfort of our home environment, where we can create a safe and secure space for your puppy’s arrival, ensuring they have a positive beginning. As part of our comprehensive services, we also facilitate veterinary visits and can assist in scheduling appointments. This ensures that your puppy not only adapts successfully to our environment but also receives the proper care necessary for their health and overall well-being. If you’re acquiring a puppy directly from the breeder at 8 weeks, we can even coordinate the pickup of your new furry family member for you. Our services are thoughtfully designed to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your puppy.

We invite you to join this fun and explorative journey, where we meld historical understanding with holistic science based positive training techniques, providing a platform for your puppy to thrive, learn, and become a well-rounded member of your family. Click here to start.

Our Partner

Animal Talk Medical Center
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Based on recommendations from reputable organizations, it’s crucial for puppies to begin experiencing the world during their early developmental stages. State law mandates that puppies cannot be received until they reach 8 weeks of age. This timing overlaps with a critical period in a puppy’s life where they will enter a fear stage, making controlled exposure to the environment essential. However, it’s important to guide this exposure safely.

We encourage you to ensure that your puppy has initiated their vaccination series, and that they have had their first vaccination at least 7 days prior to any exposure. If your veterinarian advises against early exposure, it’s advisable to engage in a conversation with them or seek a secondary opinion. You might consider discussing their recent continued education and whether they are up to date with the latest insights from leading professionals in the field, as outlined below. This approach allows you to make well-informed decisions regarding your puppy’s socialization and well-being. We always encourage you to follow with your vets’ recommendations! Click here to see research related to this.