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Puppy Foundation Class

What’s the class about?

Welcome to our Puppy Foundation Class, designed to provide your young canine companion with a strong start on their journey towards becoming a well-adjusted and confident family member. In this introductory class, we prioritize building the foundation for a lifelong partnership with your puppy based on understanding, empathy, and positive experiences.

Our Puppy Foundation Class is centered around the principles of the L.E.G.S. Model of Integrated Canine Science, emphasizing the balanced interaction between Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self:

The Path to Lifelong Learning: We understand that this is your puppy’s early learning phase, and mastery of cues will come with time. Our primary focus is to ignite their curiosity, promote healthy exploration, and lay the groundwork for future training success. Giving you another lens to peer through.

Promoting Natural Development: We prioritize allowing your puppy to grow and explore in a nurturing and safe environment. This class provides novel stimuli exposure without overwhelming distractions, encouraging their natural curiosity.

Establishing Communication: Our primary focus is to establish effective communication between you and your puppy, emphasizing responsiveness to cues while nurturing their social skills through supervised playtime.

In our Puppy Foundation Class, you & your puppy will embark on an exciting learning journey that includes:

Desensitization to External Stimuli: We lightly address external stimuli desensitization, gradually introducing your puppy to various sounds and visuals, setting the stage for a confident response to their environment.

Potty Training Refresher: We provide guidance on potty training basics, ensuring a clean and stress-free environment for both you and your puppy.

Behavior Harmony: We address common puppy behaviors like nipping, jumping, and body handling sensitivities using family dog mediation principles, emphasizing clear communication and empathy, consistent with the L.E.G.S. model’s principles.

Foundation Cues and Basic Training: Your puppy will learn foundational cues, including responding to their name, ‘down,’ ‘sit,’ ‘come,’ ‘come with automatic sit,’ ‘focus,’ ‘take it/leave it,’ walking on a loose leash, and ‘sit/down stay’, confidence course exposure to food bowl. While mastery may take time, we prioritize a positive learning experience. You can also work towards earning the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy & APDT’s C.L.A.S.S. H.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills High School) Certificate. (optional your choice)

By enrolling in our Puppy Foundation Class, you’re not just investing in training; you’re nurturing a well-rounded, confident, and harmonious relationship with your puppy. This class is an introduction into the world of canine learning, connection, and success in more advanced classes.

Click Here to join us on this exciting journey of your puppy’s potential and growth in a fear free and supportive environment.

Requirements to attend

Age: 10 to 23 weeks

Shot Record Requirements:

Puppies 10 weeks and older) Must have received their first set of series within a week prior to starting.

Puppies (4 months and older) Bordetella, and two of the puppy series. Per Vet we recommend Rabies but is not required until 6 months of age.

Our Partnered Hosting Locations

Posh City Pet Spa & Salon
South County STL Mo.