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Services Inquiry – can be held virtual (via Zoom or Google Meet App), phone call or in person (Home visit)
30 min Services Inquiry – $0.00 (can be booked via our home page)
90 min Consultation $175.00 (Can be booked via our Homepage in the Owner Focus section) – This is considered the first session of a package. This can be virtual or in person.

Group Training Courses (Service currently not offered) (Soon to offer online classes)

Owner Focused Sessions – These are virtual OR we can come to you. Your choice! Note: a travel fee is added to the cost for home visits.
Single Option
60 min – $100.00
Package Options
Four “60 min” sessions – $340
Six “60 min” sessions – $450
Please note listed pricing does not reflect behavioral cases. Prices rated on a case by case basis

Board & Train
15 days – $1100.00
30 days – $2000.00
Price Addons
– 15 to 30 min planned visits during the board and train session – +$45.00 per
– Grooming at your preferred grooming location – + (no fee for trip to if within 15-mile radius) $20.00 for the trip outside radius plus their fee
– Grooming at Partnered Groomers Location – + Cost varies based on size of dog (Will confirm pricing before proceeding)
– Dog Food – We can pick up food if your pet runs out during their stay. The cost to purchase is the only charge.
– Vet Visits – Vet bill added to end cost (no fee for trip within 15-mile radius) (Puppy series shots, additional vaccinations, Health visits, flea&tick preventative)
– USB Drive (Video Visual Demonstration of how to reinforce cues) This is your dog. – +$25.00
– Packet of printed handouts – included with board and train service.